Welcome to my web site. I provide information about my technology workshop series, and also about myself and my technical background.

For my photographic work, view a sample of my portfolio here.


Technology Workshops

Coming Soon

The COVID-19 pandemic has cause me to hold off on my plans for in-person workshops. Likely that will not happen until the late Spring of 2021. However, in the meantime I plan to record tutorial videos which I will post to YouTube, under my personal channel RLBrown. As I do so I will announce these here and on social media

If you are interested in one or more of my planned workshops on photography, iPhones and iPads, general computer applications, please fill out and submit our interest survey. We do not collect any personal information with this survey, it merely serves to indicate the level of interest for each workshop.

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We do not maintain a mailing list. Workshops will be announced via the venues shown here. To be appraised of forthcoming workshops, please follow one of these.

Workshop Announcement Connections

Personal Social Media Presence

For the workshop announcements please use the workshop connections provided above. The following are my personal social media accounts.