Robert Lawson Brown

Welcome to my personal vanity web site. I publish this as a means to provide expanded general information about myself to social media and other venues.

My Story

I am a physicist, (U.Va. Ph.D. 1978). I am half experimentalist, half theorist, half mathematician, and half computer programmer. I know that adds up to two persons, but over my career I actually just do two of the four activities at any given time.

I have worked in atomic studies, condensed matter, magnetic properties, semiconductor optics, plasma etching, semiconductor process development, metrology, and computer programming.

These days, I mostly work on web, using HTML5, CSS3, Python, and Javascript (usually via a framework such as AngularJS). I also actively work with Python, Java, PHP, and Mathematica. In truth I do not much care for PHP -- I much prefer Python for server-side work. In the past, I worked in Fortran, Basic, Forth, Pascal, and even Prolog.