My Story

I am a physicist, (U.Va. Ph.D. 1978). I have worked in atomic studies, condensed matter, magnetic properties, semiconductor optics, plasma etching, semiconductor process development, metrology, and computer programming. I was in the high technology industry for the past thirty eight years. I am presently retired.

In my retirement, I plan to teach popular interest topics in my technology workshops. [This has been delayed by the CoVID pandemic, but I expect to get this back on track in late 2021 and 2022.] These include my iPhone™ photography one day course, my productivity suite courses, my introduction to programming courses, and courses on photographic color and optics. The course schedules are announced both here and on social media.

I have used Apple iOS™ devices from the original introduction onward. I also have extensive experience with DSLR photography and with videography. I am an experienced user of the Adobe Creative Suite™ and the Apple productivty applications. I work with Google Apps for Business™. Other applications include Mathematica™, the Microsoft Office™ suite, and various image manipulation tools. I work with virtual reality (Second Life™). I have also setup and administrated numerous computer servers, in Linux and Unix, during the technical communications phase of my career.

I wrote my first program in Fortran, during September of 1969, using Hollerith card input, and impact printer output, with a big basement filling Burroughs mainframe sitting in between, 56K of workspace. Needless to say, I have advanced on to considerably more powerful platforms since that time. My most recent programs have been written in Swift, to create MacOS X applications. I have also programmed, over the years, with Basic, Forth, Pascal, Prolog, Java, and Javascript.